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About Carbontree

• Promoters of Carbontree have been in the businesssince 1995, having strong presence in India and China.
• Main activities are Manufacturing & Trading .
• Manufacturing facilities in India and China.
• R&D centres in India and China.
• Ability to either produce or source almost all products from our wide network and associations.

Subir Chakravorty, Founder & Managing Director is an Entrepreneur with out-of-the-box thought process, A Day-Dreamer, unusual & futuristic business opportunities excites him.

Having started early in life, after working for 5 years, started his 1st business venture RAJ INTERNATIONAL in June 2002. During the period 2006 to 2009, company gained the leading position in the international market for the products it dealt in. In May 2009, Carbontree was incorporated and by 2011 it had become the most successful player in India in emission trading. In February 2013, was appointed a Google Trusted Agency and launched GBP programme across Pan India on behalf of Google. Although it has never looked back… the journey is on and a long way to go.